Læge Paw Bjørn Jensen                                                    

Telefon 2158 8562 - 3543 2605

SMS +45 21588562


The clinic

The clinic is located at Østerbro street, just opposite Sortedams lake.

The clinic is a socalled solo practice consisting of a general physician, currently without support staff. The clinic, however, shares waiting room with 2 other doctors who have a nurse and medical secretary.
The clinic offers all usual services as usual in general practice, together with minor surgical procedures such as removal of moles, fat knots and the like.
As a trained practitioner, I am a specialist in the light and medium cases of most diseases, and knowing what and when to refer to other sources for optimal examination and treatment.

 In order to make online reservations ( booking of consultations), receipts and email consultations you need to make an profile via minklinik - in the text box "kliniknavn" please fill in: Paw Jensen. Be aware though that this site is only in danish. You can ask me to help you enable your profile via the phone or during a consultation. You can not make an profile if you are not previously known in the system - thus you have to contact the clinic first in order to be manually created in the system.

Opening hours is normally from 8 in the morning to 13 in the afternoon, although late consultation is offered during Wednesdays from 15 in the afternoon to 18 in the evening.

The doctor is available at the phone in the morning between 8 and 9 Monday thru Friday.

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